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Role of a tarotist & a phone psychic

The Ethical Code of the phone psychic & Tarot also includes 2 sections of recommendations, directed respectively to the psychic and the consultants, which are reproduced below: calling a telephone psychic is easy nowadays the trick is finding a real psychic to answer your call. A phone psychic UK are plentiful and if you are looking for help scroll below to make sure you are spending your money wisely.

Ethical Code Recommendations for Todays Phone Psychics

The first motivation of the phone psychic must be to provide a service through the tarot and not to use it exclusively or as a priority to earn money. Even so, it is necessary to have retribution for the consultations, because you invest your time and preparation for it. For your information, there is an option of phone psychic readings.

It is essential to remind the client that he does not fear the things that appear over the telephone since these are the instruments he will use to correct and improve his life and that of his relatives. Know that there are no “good and bad” letters but all express inner states. Call an ethical phone psychic today and experience the wonders of healing your spirit with a telephone call. The concept of good and evil is just a mental belief based on our personal judgments of reality. What for one person may be good for another evil and vice versa.

Psychic Do Help

It is very important to emphasize that the future can be changed and with technology being what it is you can call a psychic by phone and change your life in a minute. You will always give hope to the client and see the positive side of each situation. In questions about effective relationships, instead of talking about cheating, infidelity or blaming third parties, you will focus on seeing that it does not work in the relationship and if it has a solution. You should not diagnose diseases with the phone psychic because this corresponds only to doctors. If they ask about health, you will send the doctor in case the psychic warns of any problem. The consultant must go to the specialist so that he can treat his illness more quickly, either with tradi

tional medicine or the alternative.

If the consultant asks for a third person, the consultation should not be made without the permission of the same. But, you can ask about the relationship with her or how her actions affect us directly or indirectly a phone call is scared and a good psychic will not break the trust. Teach the consultant that not always their problems are the result of black magic works, since in most cases what happens to us is produced by yourself. You tend to blame others for situations created by ourselves you can sort this problem out and put it behind you with a telephone call to a phone psychic reader. The psychic and Magic are different concepts. Will be expressly outside of our work such acts: perform work to separate a couple, to harm someone, to get the love of a person, for the other person to “change”, etc. In any case, you will ask your Higher Self for help so that it gives light, understanding and awakens love. Experts dignify their work in all areas. And they will strive to give a good image. Whenever necessary, they will defend the work, making pedagogy with the daily practice in the private and public sphere.

Recommendations for consultants and users

It is convenient to clarify that we are Tarot interpreters and blind . The letters reflect the situation posed through synchronicity and the evolution of a situation. Tarot and clairvoyance are 2 different fields, although they can coexist.

Who really moves the consultant to choose the cards is their own unconscious , choosing the cards that can offer more help at that time. Giving him the answer and advice he really needs even if it is not what he expects to hear. The Tarot responds first to the consultant.