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Checkout some tricks from a spirit session

How does the medium know all about its customers? Things that maybe they never told anyone? There are many methods. The “repentant” medium that is presented for this work, showed a truly amazing one. You can blindfold your eyes very carefully, with adhesive tapes and a large black handkerchief. Then you can ask a present person to write something on a note and put it in his hands. By simply touching these cards with their fingers and approaching the temples, one can understand exactly the content of the questions and answer.

It is an experiment of great effect, which creates a very dramatic atmosphere and easily convinces the client of the existence of psychic powers in the medium. Of course it’s a trick. But you will be able to see the surprise of the people you will be asked to undergo the experiment, to see exactly what they had written.

There are other tricks, which create even more surprising effects.

Another method, with which many successes are achieved, is to have the customers write tickets asking them to tell some personal facts, and explaining that they should burn these tickets immediately in an ashtray, so that they do not In fact, the desk is made up (there is a charcoal underneath), so there is a double copy of what they wrote, this information (personal facts, intimate problems, numbers and colors, loved ones), names of deceased relatives, etc.) will serve to amaze them under various circumstances, and they will end up, along with all the other information, in the secret dossier of each client.”

What do you schedule customers?

Of course, you will file the customers, with all the data that came into possession of, with their personal stories, etc. Then you will be able to exchange information with other mediums, for example, if a customer came to us from another city, you can ask for information on him from the mediums of that city.

So there is a kind of information and filing network?

Exactly, these customers usually switch from one medium to another, and it’s not difficult to find their intimate story ready and ready in another medium. Another method is to steal a customer’s handbag during the séance. It is very easy, because usually it is resting on the chair and it is in the dark, an accomplice dressed in black brings it to another room, takes note of all the contents, including the number of the driving license or postal booklet, and after The first time the medium will pretend to guess the data that the interested person believes to be the only one to know. The same thing can be done with the men’s wallets. The mediums online can be found. The effect is extraordinary. For a long time this experience, all this, added to the other stories, it will strengthen the reputation of the medium and credulity in this type of phenomena.

Admiration and fear

But the medium must not only be admired: it must also be feared. It is good that the public has a certain fear of him, just as there is fear of the supernatural. In this way the medium can be better protected from any checks that some doubtful client had in mind to do. In fact, just as no one dares to shake a jaw (for fear of psychic reprisals), similarly, if a climate of fear is created, very few dare to stand against the medium, thinking that he could take revenge with “negative fluids” on health , on finances, on love, etc.

In bed with the ghost

Faced with so many proofs of the existence of these powers and of so many mysterious energies, of the afterlife and of the water, it is understandable that some clients are not surprised by anything: not even the possibility of having intimate relations with the spirits.